Analysis & Reporting

The analysis of data is what makes the survey effort worthwhile. It develops the picture the snapshot-in-time was supposed to produce. But the analysis should keep the purposes of the survey ever-present while also being attentive to the levels of measurement and statistical assumptions involved.

Dr. Hembroff has analyzed hundreds of data sets, from simple univariate and bivariate analyses to much more complex multivariate modeling. He is well experienced with a variety of techniques for constructing scales and indices as well as recoding variables for more efficient analysis.

He is adept at representing the analyses in well-documented tables and graphs that report survey results in understandable form for clients and their audiences. Understanding the findings is essential for data-based decisions to be based on the data.

Dr. Hembroff has a proven record of effective communication with a broad spectrum of audiences. He has published numerous papers in top peer-reviewed journals and written hundreds of reports for a wide variety of clients. He has been highly successful teaching in the classroom and conducting workshops. He has also made more than 120 presentations, mostly on the results of surveys, to other professional researchers, to administrative staffs, to program directors, and to community groups. He pays close attention to who his audience is in each case, tailoring the presentation or report to meet the needs of the audience.