HSRC works with you to make sure the concerns you care about are addressed while using the most rigorous approach possible within time and budget constraints.


Accuracy, validity, reliability, rigor, methodological soundness, conclusions supported by measurement and data -- these are the hallmarks of HSRC's work.  Clients count on these.


Doctoral training in research methods and data analysis; widely published in peer-reviewed professional journals; a highly regarded teacher and presenter; a nationally recognized leader.

Clients & Projects

HSRC is open to helping almost anyone with survey research needs.  However, Dr. Hembroff has had especially extensive experience helping particular categories of clients. These are listed below.

Within these, most clients have repeatedly trusted Dr. Hembroff for assistance with research design, sampling and/or analysis on highly sensitive survey projects essential to their operations. Time and time again, clients count on Dr. Hembroff’s methodological skills and expertise, creativity and analytic strengths to provide the most accurate results for their units.

Click on the categories above to see project examples Dr. Hembroff has helped with previously.

HSRC is not limited to these, however. To see a broader listing of the kinds of clients Dr. Hembroff has worked with in the past, go to or click here.


More than 30 years of experience designing, conducting, analyzing and reporting all types of surveys on a broad spectrum of topics and issues.

Why do clients choose to have Dr. Hembroff help them with their research, data analysis or program evaluation need?