Survey Design

To be a good data-based decision-maker, you need good data. HSRC exists to help administrators and researchers solve their particular survey problems or satisfy their data needs. (More)


Possible bias can be reduced and accuracy improved with properly weighted data to adjust for complex sample designs or response rates less than 100%.  HSRC has extensive experience weighting data. (More)


Analysis of the data is what makes the survey

effort useful and worthwhile.  HSRC can analyze your data -- keeping your central issues in mind -- and report results so they make sense. (More) 


HSRC can help individual researchers develop appropriate sampling designs and sample sizes to meet the specific research goals of the project.  (More)

HSRC undertakes consulting projects on a fee-for-service basis. Possible projects typically fall into one or more of four categories: survey design challenges, sampling challenges, weighting data, and data analysis and reporting. To discuss a possible project, contact Dr. Larry Hembroff at or (269) 317-6358.

To be a good data-based decision-maker, you need good data. That involves: 

  • Implementing the survey design appropriate to the problem you face
  • Asking the right questions to address the issues you care about and asking the questions the right way
  • Finding a cost-effective way to survey an appropriate sample of the population group of interest and making sure the data you analyze matches that population
  • Analysis that is appropriate on statistical grounds but is also made sensible to you