University Administrative Offices

This is a list of the kinds of projects on which Dr. Hembroff has provided assistance for this group of clients in the past and the types of assistance he has provided on each previously:

  • President/Provost

    • Dean/Director Performance Reviews:   (survey design, analysis & reporting)

    • Campus Climate Assessment re: Title IX:    (survey design, analysis & reporting)

  • Student Affairs:

    • Undergraduate Advising: (survey design, weighting, analysis & reporting)

    • Undergraduate Retention: (survey design, analysis & reporting)

    • Suicide Prevention Evaluation: (analysis & reporting)

    • Campus Police and Public Safety Performance: (survey design, analysis & reporting):

    • Student Needs Assessment & Utilization of Services: (survey design, analysis & reporting)

  • Human Resources

    • Customer Experience and Satisfaction: (analysis & reporting)